A miniature hand embroidered hoop art reading You are enough surrounded by colourful french knots on a white background.
A hand holding up a small embroidery hoop art that reads you are enough with the word enough in larger pink script stitching. The whole hoop has a french knot border with the colours pink, orange, purple teal and silver.
A side view of a hand embroidery hoop art that reads "You are enough"

You are Enough 3 Inch Miniature Hand Embroidery Hoop Art

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You are enough is the message across this miniature embroidery hoop are. The text "You are" is written in small black stitching and the word "enough" is in pink script font stitching. The whole hoop is surrounded by a colourful french knot border.

This piece can be made in any colour combination so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to mix it up a bit!