A mixed media hand embroidery hoop illustration of a small girl. She has pale skin, rosy cheeks and wavy brown hair. She has green tshirt with a rainbow it. The hoop is sat on a multicoloured background
A side on view of the textures on the hand embroidered portrait of a young girl.
A hand embroidered mixed media illustration of a female child. She has fair skin and straight long brown hair. She is wearing a red and white striped top. The hoop is sat on a multicoloured background.
A side on view of a hand embroidered portrait hoop

Portrait Mixed Media Hand Embroidery 4 Inch Hoop (Single person)

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Bringing a new lease of colour and texture to your portraits! These super cute portrait hoops are a fun way to brighten up your home. Made in collaboration with you they are packed full of tiny details. These are the perfect size for child hoops and they look great alongside the 5 inch hoops with adults in. 

Each piece is a mixture of painted illustration and embroidery stitched onto 100% cotton and framed in a 4 inch embroidery hoop backed in felt. Please note 4 inch hoops can only have one person in them. For hoops with multiple people please choose the 6 inch option in my shop. 

Once you have placed your order please email me at pixiecraft@hotmail.com with your reference photos and any details you want including such as choice of clothing, colour of hair, glasses, accessories etc.

Current turn around time for portraits is 7-14 working days.