A hand embroidered mixed media portrait of a while couple. The man on the left has light blonde hair and stubble and is wearing a pale blue shirt. The woman on the right has bright purple hair, teal dungarees and a black and white striped top. The hoop is sat on a multicoloured background
A hand embroidered mixed media portrait hoop of a couple
A side on view of the textures on the hand embroidered portrait of a couple
A close up view of the faces of the couple on a mixed media hand embroidered portrait hoop

Portrait Mixed Media Hand Embroidery 6 Inch Hoop Art (Multiple or Single Person)

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It's time to give your traditional portraits an update with this fun colourful and textured portraits you can add something magical to your home. Each piece is made in collaboration with you to make sure every portrait is packed full of tiny details. 

Please note 6 inch hoops can fit up to 4 people if you would like a piece with more people in than this please contact me first to discuss your options.

Once you have placed your order please email me at pixiecraft@hotmail.com with your reference photos and any details you want including such as choice of clothing, colour of hair, glasses, accessories etc.

Current turn around time for portraits is 7-14 working days.